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"Employees are very polite and friendly, very efficient too! They have done a fantastic job on our kitchen! Very well deserved 5 star rating! Thank you Masher Brothers!"

Claire Hinnigan







"Hands on Windmill Gardens"

Located near Brixton Windmill a thirty-one metre mural brightens up the playground in Windmill Gardens. Designed and painted by Camila CardeƱosa with the help of the local community the mural documents the history of the windmill in images and quotes.

The Windmill Gardens project was initiated by Camila, a Brixton resident and graphic designer. The aim was to create a sense of ownership among local residents, help visitors engage with the history of the windmill and visually improve the playground area of the park. The project was launched in close collaboration with Lambeth Council, the local community group Friends of Windmill Gardens and the Heritage Lottery Fund, which funded the restoration of the windmill.

The mural was painted by Camila with the help of volunteers, in order to give youngsters the chance to participate in the painting of the mural. Over a period of four weeks, 200 people painted the mural in 336 hours, using fifty paint brushes. The mural was unveiled as part of the windmill's annual Mayday festival.

How we helped:

Masher Brothers were working in close relationship with Lambeth Council and Mears, working to refurbish resident homes to the Decent Homes Standards. When we heard about the Mural taking place, Masher Brothers saw this as a great opportunity to help out and involve the local community.

Our team rendered the wall of the Windmill Gardens over the course of a week, in preperation for the community to paint their large mural. This was necessary to create a suitable surface for the residents to paint on.

We also supplied the materials for residents, such as paint and paint brushes.

"Thank you so much again for Masher Brothers support. Your guys have done a fantastic job, particularly in the cold, adverse conditions they faced. I organised a tour of the windmill for them, so think they enjoyed that. Masher Brothers support of this project is very much appreciated by us all (Mears and Friends of the Windmill Gardens)." - Sandra Butler - Mears Group




Press release: 11th February 2013