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"Employees are very polite and friendly, very efficient too! They have done a fantastic job on our kitchen! Very well deserved 5 star rating! Thank you Masher Brothers!"

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The Tarn - Eltham Park

History of the Tarn

A heritage Lottery Fund grant was awarded for restoration works in 2001 and The Friends of the Tarn was set up in February 2008 and holds regular volunteer days.

The Friends of the Tarn has established a Nature and butterfly Garden on a neglected area where a wildflower meadow has been planted, with bird nesting boxes, a wildlife stack and bee homes. Also, a bird sanctuary has been created on the north eastern side, with all of these elements being used for school nature studies.

How we helped:

Masher Brothers is helping to improve the environment in which we live in and create a positive impact by donating our time to the community of the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Recently, our staff have been refurbishing and refreshing the 'Keepers House,' restoring its original features and paint work as well as refurbishing the mens toliets.

We are dedicated to developing the local communities where we work. The refurbishments that have taken place will create a better space for pupils to learn and take part in school nature studies.

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Photos of the Tarn: