Happy People


"Employees are very polite and friendly, very efficient too! They have done a fantastic job on our kitchen! Very well deserved 5 star rating! Thank you Masher Brothers!"

Claire Hinnigan




















Masher Brothers is a well-established construction and property development company. We build, refurbish and extend buildings in London and the South East. We set high standards for everything we do and have built a reputation for providing customer satisfaction.

New Builds

All of our New builds scale from one-off properties to starter homes tailored to suit our client’s needs. We have a wealth of experience and professional partners to advise you on every step of the process.







Almost all lofts can be converted and can add significant value to your home. It will provide you with a brand new living space in, what was once, a forgettable place of your home. We are able to maintain the character of your home and create a seamless transition between old and new.







Whether it’s additional space you need with a large multi-storey conversion or the small conservatory you have been hoping for, the most common way to add instant value to your home is to have an extension. Our specialist design team can help create that extra touch of luxury in your home.






Masher Brothers have De-Converted large houses, often listed buildings and those in conservation areas, that had previously been converted into smaller flats






Eco Refurbishments:

Masher Brothers are at the forefront of environmental refurbishments, delivering sustainable solutions.

We aim to implement energy efficient and sustainable methods to improve performance and reduce the environmental impact of buildings.





Joinery Production:

Our team of specialist joiners offer a bespoke joinery service with the use of traditional production techniques. Our workshop in Lewisham offers a wide variety of timbers, from beautiful hardwoods, to traditional softwoods and through a range of subtle finishes we enhance the beauty and durability of these woods.