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"Employees are very polite and friendly, very efficient too! They have done a fantastic job on our kitchen! Very well deserved 5 star rating! Thank you Masher Brothers!"

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The Decent Homes Programme is to improve the conditions of social housing.

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The government has set a certain standard of build, which includes modern facilities, durability and insulation.

For the last few decades we have been at the forefront of helping Local Authorities and Housing Associations maintain their housing stock to ensure that they comply with the requirements of the Decent Homes Standard and "Warm, Dry, and Safe works.” During this period we have undertaken internal and external works and major conversion works to over 23,000 homes, with the majority of these works carried out whilst residents remain in situ.

The core areas of a Decent Homes programme are internal refurbishments, which involves Kitchen and Bathroom replacements. We are highly experienced in delivering large scale Kitchen and Bathroom replacement projects and are currently working with many Local Authorities across London and the South East.

We carry out anything between 95 - 105 Kitchen and Bathrooms per week across various contracts with a 13 day turn around programme.

Our services include:

New Kitchen Installations
New Bathroom Installations
Window & Door replacements
Roofing replacement and repairs
Repairing concrete and brickwork
Ceramic Wall Tiling
New Flooring
Renewal of boilers